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We use advanced Bifilar Scalar Technology & Tesla Coils to charge & harmonically encode our products with the highest frequencies and vibrations before sending them off to you, with love. 

Scalar Technology

Scalar energy is formed when two identical frequencies from opposite directions come together and collide. This results in canceling out of any free movements and the creation of a stationary and static energy field. Additionally, it contains circles of energy that radiate outwards in balanced networks, which help in creating a field of live energy systems.

Scalar energy is said to promote healing in our bodies with the help of subtle energy frequencies.


This energy is generated naturally but it can also be artificially produced. The application of this energy is intertwined into both Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Mechanics. In the field of medicine, scalar waves for healing are ideal because medically scalar energy can break down any molecular bonds of fungi and bacteria.


It also helps in neutralising harmful man-made electromagnetic frequencies and radiations that are associated with the human body. It is due to these radiations and frequencies that imbalances and illnesses are caused in the human body.


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