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Uses: Add one full dropper of essence to your water bottle, cup of tea, add a few drops to your bathtub, or take directly under the tongue. 

LEMURIAN CRYSTAL / High-Frequency Crystal & Rose Spagyric Elixir


    High Frequecy Crystalline Elixir


    The Lemurian seed crystal holds Ancient information from the magical people of Lemuria.

    Our Lemurian Crystal Essence^ is created using a range of authentic and cleansed large Lemurian Seed Quartz crystals activated using advanced Scalar Wave technologies and Cymatics Hz frequencies - giving blessings and prayers into the waters.


    🜛 Chakra Correspondences - Crown, Third Eye, Aum Star Chakras

    🜛 Sacred Geometry Correspondence - Seed of Life

    🜛 Portal - 1st, 5th, 12th Dimensions


    About Lemurian Crystals /


    The people of Lemuria are said to have practiced esoteric traditions as highly advanced beings both spiritually and technologically. Central to their culture were the Lemurian crystals, believed to be powerful tools of healing, enlightenment, and knowledge.

    These crystals were said to possess unique vibrational properties that allowed the Lemurians to maintain a deep connection with the Earth, as well as to access higher states of consciousness and interdimensional realms.


    The Lemurians were deeply in tune with nature, living in harmony with their environment. The crystals played a crucial role in their society, used not just for spiritual development, but also served as a means of communication and energy transfer across vast distances.


    The Lemurians programmed their knowledge and wisdom into the crystals and distributed them throughout the world for future generations to discover. These crystals were encoded to store vast amounts of knowledge, akin to living libraries, and were used to transmit information and wisdom from generation to generation. 


    ^ Cymatic + Harmonically Encoded to 432Hz^


    Crystal Essences focus on capturing the tone and vitality of high-vibrational earth elements by using alive water & crystal glassware with a high refractive index to bend and capture light;  infused for one full moon cycle. 


    30 ml / 120 doses

  • Ingredients: Lemurian seed crystal essence, Rose Ectract, 432hz Harmonically encoded spring water, Yellowbox Honey, Organic cane spirit 10% to preserve shelf-life. 






    Directions: Take 7 drops under tongue / Add to bathtub / Add to water botte / Add a few drops to your tea.

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