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Organic Ingredients:



24K GOLD HONEY GANACHE:  Ceremonial Grade Cacao, Byron Bay Active Jellybush Honey 17+ MGO486+, Egyptian Rose (Infused Yellowbox Honey), High-purity Nanoparticle Gold (created using 99.99% pure gold at 40ppm colloid), 24k Gold Edible Fine Leaf.


GOLDEN SPHINX: 24K Liquid Colloidial Gold (40ppm created using 99.99% pure gold colloid), 316Hz Bifilar Scalar Frequency Activated Gold, Active MGO486+ Royal Jellybush Honey infused with Sacred Egyptian Lotus scalar-frequencies, Pure 24K edible Gold Leaf, Cane Spirit 10% to preserve shelf-life.


GOLD ACTIVATIONS / 24K Gold Pack of 2

  • PACK OF 2 /


    { Save 15% as a bundle }


    Pack Includes:


    - 1 x Gold Ganache - Cacao, Rose + Gold Honey 100ml

    - 1 x Golden Sphinx Liquid Gold Elixir 30ml


    * See individual product pages for ingredients and product descriptions.*




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