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An Esoteric Essence of the Kundalini Ma; Earth Serpent.




EARTH / VENUS 🜃♀ (Rose / Plant Kingdom)

MERCURY / Mind ☿ (Serpent, Python / Animal Kingdom)

SUN ☉ (Gold, Aurum / Mineral-Metallic Kingdom)



The Ouroboros Essence is a powerful and intentional tool for esoteric and spiritual transformation, asking of us to step into our truest light and dark, and do the alchemical work of transmuting psycho-spiritual aspects of self (like the snake, shedding it's skin / awakening the Kundalini), shapeshifting constantly into the light and harmonics of truth, and seeing through the 'eyes of the serpent'; the ancient primordial 'seer', accessing inner visions and heightened senses. 




Correspondences /


🜛 Chakra - Third Eye, Base Chakra, Light Star Chakra

🜛 Geometry - Sphere. Platonic Solids, Dodecahedron, Octahedron

🜛 Portal - All Dimensions.





'Ouroboros' is a gnostic and alchemical symbol that expresses the unity of all things, in both the material and spiritual worlds, which never disappear but perpetually changes form in an eternal cycle of destruction and re-creation.

Kundalini energy, is known to be the primal life force energy that lays dormant at the base of our spine, coiled up like a serpent until it is 'woken-up'. The practice of awakening the serpent and 'completing the cycle' of alchemical transformation of the Soul, helps to enliven and activate this kundalini energy so that it can ascend through our chakras and move us toward true personal knowledge and truth.



Revered and known throughout human history as a symbol of the Kundalini energies and the Rainbow Earth Serpent - This elixir is a sacrament from the great Mother to awaken us closer to our higher-selves and higher-knowledge, to truly "Know-Thyself'.


The Serpent path is one of great sacrifice, because divinity wills only the achievement of self-transformation through self-realization.



Alchemical / Spiritual Associations of Gold + The Kundalini Earth Serpent:


Transformation, Expression of light and dark, Dragon work, Awakening of the pineal gland, Immortality, Afterlife, Chakra activations are made more receptive to light, Kundalini Ma life-force, Dreams intensified (lucid dreaming + astral dreaming)​, Sacrifice for secret knowledge, The mind and thought/wisdom, Magick, Higher states of consciousness.



Recommended Dosage / Take 7 drops on the tongue 1 x daily for the duration of the bottle to journey with the Kundalini Ma serpent. Take with intention. 


30ml - 3 Months Use



Made with love,

Many Blessings,



Yantra Medicina Lab. 

OUROBOROS / 24K Liquid Gold Kundalini Ma Serpent Quintessence

  • Shake well before use -

    Organic Ingredients:


    Rose Essence^ (Hydro-Distillation Rose Waters), 24K Liquid Gold (Colloidial 40ppm High-purity), Black Obsidian Crystal Essence, Clear Quartz Crystal Essence, Oil of Crystal (Rose Qtz), Scalar Wave Generated High-Frequency Essence of the Kundalini Serpent (Gamma 55Hz), Spring Water (Imbued 528Hz), 19+ MGO633+ Egyptian Rose infused Active Jellybush Honey, Cane Spirit to preserve shelf-life. 



    * Colloidial Gold has no known side effects, is non-toxic, and has an excellent safety profile. Gold Solution is an easy-to-take mineral and will not interfere with medication.

    Pregnancy and breastfeeding: No known problems when taken at the recommended dose.


    *Not suitable for children under the age of 12*

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